The type and design of decal strips raises some confusion with regards to the code and interpretation of what AS1428.1 requires.

Straight off the bat, AS1428.1 makes comments that all fully glazed doors and surrounding glazing (including glazed walls with no transom or similar), are clearly marked with 75mm min. wide, solid, non-transparent, contrasting line across their full width. The lower edge of line must be between 900mm – 1000mm FFL and have 30% luminance contrast when viewed against floor or background surface within 2m of glazing.

In addition MGAC reinforces the issues by saying “opaque strips to be used”. In general we find that vinyl strips are the ideal choice of strip type, as frosted/translucent strips will still allow a level of filtered light which is against the intent/purpose of the decal strip.

It is important to understand that decals strips on the ground floor are installed correctly as there is a background surface that can be measured against. However, apart from glazed office partitions, glazed decals strips along the building façade (above the ground floor) are viewed as “best practice/safety in design” as there is no flooring to measure the 30% contrast level.

Post by Anthony Leuzzi