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19 November 2020

NDIS and Supported Disability Housing during COVID-19

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Oct 14 2015

Don’t miss the bus: Key considerations in providing accessible bus stops

In May 2015, Brisbane City Council decommissioned the last of its non-accessible public buses from service.[1]  This remarkable milestone of providing ramped and low-floor access across an entire bus fleet was reached an impressive seven-and-a-half years earlier than as required under the federal Disability Standards for Accessible Public Transport (‘DSAPT’).

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Aug 14 2015

Describing Disability

Whilst most people do not wish to be described by disability, in our line of work it is sometimes necessary and within the world of access consultancy, many clients struggle when describing or writing about people with various disabilities.

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Aug 08 2015

Meeting the Intent of the Code

As well as the requirement of achieving the dimensional figures within AS1428.1:2009, it is optimal that the intent of what the code is asking for is also accomplished. One example of this is the location of where the paper towel dispenser or hand dryer is required to be installed within an accessible toilet.

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Mar 06 2015

Accessible Design Benefits Everyone

Accessibility is a universal consideration – It benefits people from all walks of life in all different contexts.

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Mar 06 2015

Access within Sporting Venues

Accessibility within sporting stadiums and venues has fast become a factor in the design and redevelopment of major stadiums. One such stadium affected by this, is Allianz Stadium, Sydney.

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Feb 22 2015

Sydney Observatory’s New East Dome Makes the Stars Accessible to Everyone

A momentous event for accessibility took place recently and despite the significance of this event, it was very hardly picked up in the media. Hopefully this helps draw more attention to the fact that Sydney Observatory has made accessibility integral to its new East Dome, hence maximising the opportunity for people with a disability to enjoy, learn and expland on their understanding of astrology and the universe.

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