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21 September 2021

Councils and Accessibility

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Designing housing with seniors and people with a disability in mind

At MGAC, we believe that all older people and those living with a disability should have access to well-designed and accessible housing. With this in mind, we are always mindful to guide our clients to work within the requirements laid out in the State Environmental Planning Policy (SEPP) Seniors Living.

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Destination unknown: control systems for vertical transport

MGAC Access Consultant Sam Dikstein takes a closer look at the history and benefits of destination control, and how it can be further improved for the modern era using the tenets of universal design.

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Understanding construction tolerances and design features throughout a project

Foreseeing every potential construction or design issue throughout a project’s life cycle can be challenging. If unexpected issues do arise, they can have an adverse impact on the delivery of a project.

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To Touch Or Not To Touch

Touchless technology can be defined as any device that can be used or operated without being physically touched. Now more than ever, this technology is in high demand. Many workplaces are looking for innovative solutions to make communal spaces safer, and ideally, more resistant to outbreaks. 

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Trains, paths and accessibility

Transport is an essential part of modern-day society. It delivers millions of people to work, music or sporting events, places of worship and the city centre. Good public transport enables all of us to access places and opportunities beyond the realms of our day-to-day – and to return home safely.

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Changing Places and Perceptions

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